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The Radiator - Analogue Abstract Generator

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    The Radiator - Analogue Abstract Generator

    Hello All.....Time to refocus my love of Laser Light !!! About two (2) weeks ago....I participated in a Laser Show with the group;


    I have been SOOOoooo darn busy lately. Sept/Oct are always super busy....getting all ready for the coming Winter...but it was a Moral Imperative to join this group.

    I had the privilege of projecting Graphics with my X-Laser and working with Mr Wayne Gillis. Wayne just received and was projecting Laser patterns from the " Radiator " ....Analogue Abstract Generator !!! Just WOW....What a machine !!!

    See here.....

    I have N E V E R observed such beautiful, complex, mesmerizing abstract patterns. I got to run the machine.... a small bit !!! You have to see person to appreciate the beauty of the patterns. This machine can be set up to accept audio that an audio control voltage can have a synchronized link to selectable pattern parameters.....JUST WOW !!!

    Yikes...Buy One !!!!....I am completely hooked on this !!!! Go to youtube......the main Inventor, Mr. Chris Short.....under the name..." Captain Neon" can see ....maybe 25 short examples of the power of the " Radiator " !!!!!!

    FYI....I have NO vested interest in this product....or the company that makes them !!! I just think....THIS IS GROUNDBREAKING !!!....and you should check it out.......Bob

    So nice you live where you can see something like that, nothing like that here in Qatar. Thank you for sharing! May not be many members checking this place out yet, but in time, more will come.