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I'm Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs !!! HAHAHAHA

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    I'm Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs !!! HAHAHAHA

    This post recently placed in the Facebook group " Clock Repair and Restoration "

    I have a few questions for the Group of Clock Repair and Restoration:

    1) When did your passion Repair/Restoration start? And does it include collection ?
    2) When the passion started, was there a “ Life Event “ that marked the beginning ?
    3) Do you gain a great sense of satisfaction by fixing one of these mechanical wonders and just find joy in watching the mechanism run ?
    4) Do you feel a sense of joy when you bring one of these pieces of history….back from the brink of the trash pile ? Or even a thrill in restoring a neglected modern unit to it's original glory !!
    5) Do you find yourself….”timing “ your visit to the room where the clocks are chiming in a grand cacophony…on the hour especially…to listen to their combined musicality ?
    6) Do you find a sense of joy in sharing with the group, your questions, frustrations, your victories and discoveries ?

    My answers are yes to all the above !!!

    As you can see....I have MORE than one addiction !!! So it goes !!!

    Just added this beauty to my collection !!!!!!! A Howard Miller 612-436 Used...Well...looks new to me !! It was missing a pendulum. No biggie !! Had to cobble together a pendulum...Runs and looks perfect !!! WOW...Guy just wanted to get rid of it ! $ 30 !!! read right ! $ 30 .... SO did NOT hagle on the price !!! This addition is ....well....addicting !!

    ! Maybe I will combine Clocks and Lasers... a little marriage...add a Field effect switch and timer circuit adjacent to the Chime arms....and then a contained Laser display....Waaa Laaa...A clock that delivers a Chime and momentary (say 30 second)
    Laser display !!!...... " IT COULD WORK " Click image for larger version  Name:	Howard Miller 612_436.jpg-.jpg Views:	0 Size:	194.1 KB ID:	644Click image for larger version  Name:	youngfrankenstein.jpg Views:	0 Size:	9.4 KB ID:	645


      Clock repair continues to blaze and consume !!! I would say...The " Fire " is 50% contained !!! Click image for larger version

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