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I have become a dog rescuer

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    I have become a dog rescuer

    Yesterday when arriving to work after several days off I got out of my car to hear the distant sound of puppies crying. Behind the building I work in is a large stretch of junk, it's where all of the old worn out machinery and junk metal is placed for a government facility which is open and uncontrolled. Took me awhile to find them, but I found where the sound was coming from, under a large pile of metal roofing material. When I walked around the back side one small puppy came out and walked up to me, crying and panting hard, the temperature was near 100 degrees F. and I could hear more puppies inside who wouldn't come out, being able to see two of them laying on their sides, one appearing dead because it wouldn't move (this was the severely dehydrated one). Well, it turns out there were four of them. I had to spend about half hour removing some very hot to the touch sheet metal to get at the last of them but decided they couldn't last another day in the heat and gathered them all up, putting them into my vehicle with the air conditioner running. Except for one, they were all so weak all they could do is lay on their sides, not moving.

    Seeing they were far too dehydrated to be without water any longer I had to hydrate them as best I could, every hour or so I was able to get water down their throats a little at a time. Their tongues were dry, so dry they were immobile, but with some water perked up to normal pretty fast. I left them in my car running all day while at work so they could cool off and then after work, drove them to a vet to be checked, where they are having an overnight stay. Appears they will make it, but the vet said they were from mildly to severely dehydrated, and that was 8 hours later after hydrating them several times by hand with a water bottle. By their condition It appears the mother has been missing from the litter for three days. A week ago I saw both the father and mother, about a half mile away from where these pups were found. Both beautiful animals, but wild. We have animal control where I work and I suspect they were captured and removed due to wondering near or on the runway, as I work on an airport.

    What ever they were, I wanted one of these puppies for myself, maybe two, but now have four and need to find a home for two or three of them. The breed is Saluki, which has a body much like a Greyhound but these are considered eye hounds, because they have been bred to find and chase down prey by sight, not smell. I have done some research last night and have found these are the oldest breed of dog on the planet, and can outrun a Greyhound, if beyond 500 feet, they are faster.

    Here are some photo's from yesterday, including where I found them, see attached too:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_104.jpg Views:	6 Size:	269.1 KB ID:	535

    This is what they turn into, these may be the shorter hair kind (ears, tail and legs), don't know yet:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Saluki.jpg Views:	0 Size:	95.6 KB ID:	538

    Saluki is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world and its roots can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, and the Middle East. The breed was named after the town of Seleukia, an ancient city that no longer exists. Salukis might go as far back as 7000 b.c. (according to some Sumerian carvings from that period that show Saluki-like dogs). They were popular in ancient Egypt where they were used to hunt gazelles for Egyptian Pharaohs. Salukis hunt by sight as opposed to most of the other hound dogs that hunt their prey by smell or sound. These dogs were frequently honored with mummification after death. They are known and referred to as being "the royal dog of Egypt".
    The vet confirmed they are Saluki which run wild here in the desert and are the majority of the dogs in this country. There are three female and one male, the male being the largest of all four and the worst dehydrated.
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    Bob, please show some photo's showing us your four legged friend ​either in this thread or a new one.

    Here's a photo of one of the two I brought home tonight, they both are almost identical.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_108.jpg Views:	3 Size:	227.1 KB ID:	570

    And a photo of the other two at the vet, I was wrong, they both have IV's. The right most photo is the largest of all four. (Sorry, out of focus).


    I think these might be pure Saluki, here's an adult with similar markings:


      Chris, First...let me tell you what a great person you are !!!! You I loved my dog Terra...that recently passed on June 6th of this year. ....and your act of Human Kindness will reverberate for many, many years !!!!!!!!!.....To save one dog is save four dogs is....well...Unbelievable and Epic !!!......Those four lucky dogs really hit the Jackpot !!!...and SO DID YOU !! Look into their eyes....and you may have a hard time giving any up !!
      But...likely...four dogs in an apartment is not fair to them....It will be hard to pick the Grand Prize winner !!!!!
      Dogs are a gift from GOD !!! They are just plain wonderful !! I will post about our newest dog next !!!


        Yes, I think that was the last day for them, or at least two of them if they weren’t rescued. I would not have taken them if I thought their mother would return, something surely happened with her to be unable to care for them.

        Four is too many, I just wanted one, but now considering two, so one won’t be alone all day. I saw on a dog care web site where someone wrote not to keep two from the same litter and if you do, they will not integrate as well with humans. Any thoughts?


          You are very good person!


            Thanks, better to save than allow to perish. I didn't like to see them suffer, I took just one but couldn't forget the others I could not reach because they went too far into the rubble, so went back later for another which was then where I could reach it, then another trip later to find another one was where I could grab it, but the last one was not coming out so I had to remove a lot of debris but finally got all four. One died at the vet, the second one there is still sick.


              How's the three dogs ???? Is #3 home yet ??? Bet it is a Mad House !!! So sorry about the one that did not make it !!!!
              Mr. Crochie Doodle ( My Wheaton) has been VERY energetic last few days !!! Must be doggie hormones !!!! He is just full of trouble !!! Bob