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CDBeam Primer on Metal Machining

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    CDBeam Primer on Metal Machining

    Hello to you fellow Machinists or those wanting to get involved in machining. Over the years, I have found it advantageous....well...almost be able to follow these steps to creating a new go from;

    1) Random thought / Random idea spotted from ANY source ==>
    2) Mentally...visualizing a idea or design...something past the bare framework ==>
    3) Rendering some analog sketches...ON PAPER !!===>
    4) Using CAD to design, going thru many, many Iterative arrive at the First Design ===>
    5) Again going thru many Iterative steps to render subsequent designs. ===>
    6) Using End Mill and Lath to machine Proof of Concept from CAD to reality ===>
    7) Start ALL OVER....your first design was ...
    "Drawn, Measured....And Found....Wanting "

    So...I am a mainly a " Self Taught " least what I call a " Hack Machinist ". I have been very, very fortunate to have a REAL retired Machinist in my neighborhood...Paul. I have him do the complicated projects....and I hang on his every action....watching, learning and asking endless questions !!! He is a great teacher !!!

    My equipment is basic !!! Nothing too fancy !! I have NO CAM equipment ( Paul has that ! ) computer directing the machining operation....just manual DRO monitored adjustment and machining.

    I have a:

    Jet JM15 Mill with DRO
    Logan 820 completely refurbished with a four (4) jaw 10" Chuck
    Rikon 6" Bench Sander
    Delta Band Saw ( 97.5" blade )
    Delta 8" Drill press

    These machines are located in my garage Work Shop.....along with a music mini-boombox and many, many Clocks !!! Some other " Man Cave kinda decorations "....and of thinking chair !!! Life is good !!!

    Sequence as follows...See it in my head, Sketch it, CAD draw it, Buy some raw metal stock, Machine it !! Stand back...And be thankful for my teacher, my gifts/skills and my tools....And a very understanding wife.

    Tell me what tools you have !! AND...Do you just LOVE I do ???? It is SOOOOooooo
    satisfying and SOOOOoooooooo relaxing....and really....So practical !!!

    Without this advantage.... Prototyping would be WAY to expensive. Typical Set-up costs for a commercial Machine Shop run about $ 500 for design / Set-up....and then..
    $ 85 per hour plus material !! Yikes !!


    Bob, I hope to someday have a machine to cut metal with, but that's a whole other discipline to learn, at least I could modify existing designs but for now, I am happy to have you willing to build hosts for me, thank you


      Well...Yes...Machining is a WHOLE OTHER Hobby.skill set !!! Whereas I have....over the last 10 years or so...Saved and purchased both new and used machines.....this was necessary to be able to execute my designs. The only other DIY to join a local group...often under the name of " Makers Co-op "
      These groups are only found in larger cities....or cities with a local University .

      One pays a one time-single day use fee of approx $ 30....or a monthly fee of $ 90 for 30 days use, all open times. This is reasonable....but...well....$ 90 x 12 = $ 1080 !! That adds up. For someone who is NOT retired....who owns their own home....Likes to machine....when they want does not make sense !!
      And then there is the issue of having familiarity with the machine one is working on. This is very important....both from an efficiency and safety standpoint !!

      Anyway....these are my thoughts. I love to is....for me....very, very...therapeutic !!!



        Agreed, for myself, I would not want to pay a thousand dollars a year, would rather buy something to have it available in my home without needing to make a trip too. You appear to have a good setup with that much gear. I do have a drill press, but it's very small. Once I get to where I will have my own home I can do that, but not while working over seas here, too heavy to ship where ever I will end up next.