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405 nm (410-411) Near-UV Laser Diode and Host

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  • 405 nm (410-411) Near-UV Laser Diode and Host

    Here's a short under 3 minute video showing a 1.65 watt near-UV laser operating and burning.

    This laser pointer was made for me by a laserpointerforums member. The diode is available on ebay searching under part number GH04W10A2GC. When the batteries are fully charged this pointer produces over 1650 milliwatts of output, or 1.65 watts. When the diode is pushed hard such as this one is when producing over a watt and a half of output, the wavelength shifts to between 410 and 411 nm.

    This wavelength near UV is only 1 percent as bright to the eye as the same amount of power coming from a green 532 nm laser. This wavelength is deceiving because it appears so weak, appearing weak to the eye when the energy is really very high makes it especially dangerous to those who don't know. Put it on a laser power meter or burn something with it, and you can then see it packs a lot of sting.