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CDBeam Laser History Redox and Offer to Assist

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    CDBeam Laser History Redox and Offer to Assist

    CDBeam 777 History with Laser Light
    Lives in Monroe, Michigan USA
    Custome Builds my speciality

    1) First Laser-Metrologic 0.5mW Gas HeNe from Edmonds Scientific in 1973
    2) First pointer….” The Spot “….640nm LD @ 3mW approx. from Mid West Lasers in 1990
    3) Purchased Argon Gas Laser from Mid West Laser in 1998
    4) Multiple 640nm pointer DIY Units built from components from Mid West Lasers-1990 thru 2005
    5) Purchased Portable 532 nm 500mW DPSS from Lasever 2005
    6) Purchaser Dual Red unit from Marconi/Kcar for Projector Build in 2006
    7) Joined Photon Lexicon in 2007
    8) Purchased Blue 473 nm DPSS from MechEng3 in 2007
    9) Modified 532 DPSS for DIY Projector in 2007
    10) Joined LPF in 2007
    11) First Light Laser RGB DIY Projector in 2008
    12) Upgrade Red on DIY Projector from CT Lasers 2010
    13) Upgraded to DIY 450nm Blue on DIY Projector in 2010
    14) Join X-Laser as contractor for Experimental Builds in 2010
    15) Join Illuminatus Laser Show Company (Specializing in Lumia Shows) in 2010 and continue to work shows with them
    16) Build several Multi Diode units for Illuminatus Laser Show Company from 2011 thru 2020
    17) Started experiments with 450nm LD in 2012
    18) First on LPF to construct HH Anamorphic corrected 450nm in 2012
    19) Built several commission custome HH Pointer units starting 2013 - 2018
    20) First on LPF to construct a Knife Edge, Three (3) 455nm LD HH unit, the “ Tridentis “ in 2013
    21) First on LPF to construct Red/Blue Combiner C-Lens Corrected HH unit, the “Purple pHaze” in 2014
    22) First on LPF to construct Red C-Lens Corrected HH unit, the “Dragon’s Head” in 2014
    23) First on LPF to construct Sky Blue 465nm C-Lens Corrected HH unit, the “Sky Blue Ramjet” in 2015
    24) First on LPF to construct Blue/Green Combiner C-Lens Corrected HH unit, the “Cyan Cannon” in 2018
    25) Ran two (2) C-Lens Group Buys 2018 and 2020
    26) First on LPF to construct Blue 450 nm C-Lens Corrected , Single 26650 LiPo powered HH EDC, the “Supercar EDC” in 2019
    27) First on LPF to construct Radial Knife Edge geometry, Eight (8) Diode 520nm HH, the “ Green Kraken” projected in 2020
    28) Purchased “ Radiator “ Abstract Shape Generator in 2020 you can involvement with Lasers go back...way back to 1973. In 1962, the world's First Visible Laser beam was developed, 638nm HeNe Gas Laser....just a mere 11 years earlier !!!
    My passion for Lasers through my life has been a consistent companion. I have been so very fortunate to see SO much development.. I cannot not imagine what another 47 years will bring. As a pay back, I offer any member of this Forum my help. Just PM me or make a post !!

    I am a CAD operator and have a Machine Shop in my garage. These things make possible CAD Design, Prototype work, Proof of Concept units and Custome Commission Builds.
    I am NOT an Optical or Laser Engineer....just a Hobbyist....who's passion exceed's his knowledge. I have so much yet to learn !!!

    So it goes !! CDBeam

    hakzaw1 sez
    This forum looks better every day.
    you might be seeing a lot from me.


      If you build it, they will come. I hope