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Some overall goals for this Forum

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  • Some overall goals for this Forum

    To existing and new Forum members....I have some visions for this Forum. These are my personal visions and may or may not come to pass !!! I will surly continue to populate this Forum with all I have learned and accumulated over the years concentrating....but not limited to ....Laser Light !!!!

    Let me preface by saying THIS forum needs to be a site where ALL facets of Laser Application are to be considered. In reality the Forum will likely concentrate on Laser Entertainment Art and Laser Hand Held Pointer units.. This does not mean we will and should not have interest in ALL Laser applications....such as Medical, Industrial and just translates that our primary area of focus be the Laser Entertainment and Hand Held Pointers

    Under these general categories...there are many areas to consider...such as Safety, Legal Considerations, Optics, Electronics, Software Programming to name some. Add to that some practical considerations such as Machining and CAD designing.

    I am hopeful this Forum will bridge the gap between such Forums as " Laser Pointer Forum" and " Photon Lexicon". I envision this site to cover it all...and be a deep resource for those around the World with similar interests and Passions !! Most times, my passion will outweigh my knowledge....but that is just fine...for both will and do lockstep Coherence !!!!

    I task you to join me and with grow THIS site. Although central in our lives, ANY discussion of Religion and Politics will be tolerated in a very, very limited fashion !!!. These topics are just Too Polarizing. Also....any Cyber Bulling or General rude behavior will be swiftly dealt with. All opinions are welcome....especially when supported by the Scientific Method. !!!

    As of this writing, the Forum is in it's infancy !! I am very hopeful that over the years we can grow the Forum into a very welcome, positive and valuable site....that is " Vertically Inclusive" ( Hahaha...Gotta Luv those Buzz Words !!) I will do my best to make it so !! ..... I am very grateful to the Site Admin for having the vision and passion to create this site !!!!! Bob

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    I don't mind talking politics or religion on other sites, but I want this one to be free of it, silly me, I'm on better behavior here ‚Äč
    Safety: -->

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    Beam divergence calculator - you can clearly see the importance if the distance is increased:

    Online Relative Brightness Calculator:

    Pulsed Laser Peak Power Calculator (YAG etc.):

    Cheap way to measure wavelength:

    If building a low divergence fat beam pointer, what diameter lens do you need for a given distance from your diode? Find the angle of radiation for the raw output of the diode and determine the size needed at a given FL:

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