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Laser Lumia Primer

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    Laser Lumia Primer

    Well....let me start this discussion with some thoughts on the nature of Laser Lumia Display. The text below is based on empirical observation of my own works and is supported by some scientific study. Let us examine what is " Laser Lumia " and what is the value of this Nebulous and Non-Linear Organic display.

    Laser Lumia patterns are the result of Coherent Laser light beams passing thru a rotating Transparent / Translucent Optical membrane(s). Optical distortion is the result to the projected pattern in the Far Field. The resultant laser beam passing thru the membranes are patterns of light which display interference lines and nebolous like animated geometries. These patterns are very organic and nebulous ( Cloud like / wispy) in their nature. The patterns also change in a very slow cadence !! Single colour or mixed colour beams are employed.

    In my opinion...Laser Lumia is akin to " Visual Gregorian Chant ". One can view Laser Lumia...but
    ...not really focus on the pattern changes (If multiple colour beams are used...the pattern also change colour...slowly ) The patterns vary...but in many ways remain similar. This is the same arrangement that is seen in the Audio realm with Gregorian Chant. The audio patterns vary, but in many ways remain similar.

    Laser Lumia display is recognized by our brain…and, as with all Forums of art, our mind attempts pattern recognition for what we view.
    But Laser Lumia patterns are so loosely connected to everyday observation and reality....they defy recognition.....yet....the brain continues to attempt pattern recognition.

    I speculate...on some subliminal level, Laser Lumia patterns engage our brain. The pattern generation does catch and hold our attention...BUT does not consume the degree of attention that gives rise to actual concentration.
    So...again….I speculate....Laser Lumia does catch and hold the brain's the degree that pattern recognition is engaged....BUT....does so on such a subtle level, that actual concentration does not occur.

    So, we watch Laser Lumia... and are " mesmerized" by the display. The sight, color and subtle movements are hypnotic. I speculate it has been documented with listening to Gregorian Chant....this hypnotic effect is manifest by a great increase in production of brain Alpha wave generation...So...Laser Lumia might have the SAME therapeutic impact and value.

    I also contend that other traditional Laser show/art format's do demand a greater level of concentration that does Laser Lumia....simply by the fact that they engage the brain to recognize patterns.... much more than Laser Lumia.

    Traditional Laser show/art display presentations are divided into the following general classifications:

    1) Graphic and animated vector projection.
    2) Beam shows, with their many combinations of beam fan projection.
    3) Abstract pattern presentation/projection.

    Now, we add Laser Lumia to the a 4th classification.
    I speculate that Laser Lumia is much different from the first three classifications. Laser Lumia might increase the level of Alpha wave production in our brains....and therein lies the great added value.
    I understand the speculative nature of my hypothesis. No study has been done to support these speculations. So...all the above is my opinion.

    What are the personal physiological reaction when observing the following visual display's ? ;
    a) Clouds in a blue sky.
    b) Fire dancing in a Fire pit.
    c) The ocean surf as it hits the beach.

    What is the physiological effect you feel ??? I suspect a degree of relaxation and calm.
    I speculate the generation of brain Alpha waves are the root cause of this relaxation and go on to suggest that viewing Laser Lumia also generates brain Alpha waves. If the above speculations have some truth, then viewing Laser Lumia display may have a physiological therapeutic effect.

    Regardless of the final truth concerning my above speculations, I remain infused with the passion of pushing the art of Laser Lumia generation into new and novel levels of visual entertainment.

    CDBeam 8/2020