• Nominal/Wavelength: 405nm
• Nominal Output Power: 900mW(CW)
• Suggested Operating Current: 500mA (Max 600mA)
• Single Mode
• Package: 3.8mm

12X S06J 405nm Diode: https://sites.google.com/site/dtrsla...12x-405-diodes
5.6mm Diode. Max suggested current 450mA

GH04W10A2GC 405nm UV Laser Diode 350mW / 1100mW Tested at 1.5W CW

The GH04W10A2GC is conservatively rated for 350mW CW and 1100mW pulsed, but is quite capable of being overdriven. These diodes produce 1.5W or better at a maximum of 1.1A drive current. It is imperative that the diode be installed in a good heat sink during operation.


The Flexdrive is a efficient buck/boost laser driver. Perfect for low to medium power blue and red diodes.

FlexDrive V5